Bladder Control Naturally

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Natural healing Suggestions for clearing an overactive bladder issue.
A common complaint I hear from many women surrounds the issue of urine leakage. One’s quality of life falls to a new low when the fear of urine leakage impacts our ability to leave home without a change of clothes. Anyone who has had to deal with the urgent need to void that hits without warning will appreciate the following herbal suggestion.

A few years ago my husband and I were headed back to North Carolina from California. We left the motel around 6 am hoping to cover a few hundred miles before we stopped for lunch. I’m not sure what set my bladder off that morning but we had only been on the road a few minutes when I had to void. The urgency was awful. My sweet husband pulled off the freeway at the first opportunity. I made a dash into the rest area’s bathroom only to discover my bladder contained very little urine. This scene was repeated three or four more times over the next hour and a half. Each time the urgency to void was so strong I was unable to hold the scant urine in my bladder until I was in the ladies room.

After inching our way up the highway for nearly two hours while restroom hopping I decided to try a dropperful of Lobelia. I commonly used my extract of Lobelia for leg cramps, muscle spasms in my back and asthmatic breathing issues with great success. I had heard Dr. Schulze say on numerous occasions, “when in doubt as to what to do try Lobelia or Cayenne.” One or the other will usually bring some degree of relief to most acute physical issues.

Back in the car I was amazed; it was nearly an hour and a half before I needed a potty break. This time there was no urgency and my bladder was full. I continued to use 1 dropper full of the Lobelia each time I voided for the next few weeks. The spastic condition of my bladder cleared to the place I only needed one or two doses a day. As things go when I no longer felt the urgency I stopped using the lobelia. The condition continued to be good for several months. When my bladder became spastic again I knew exactly what to do and begun using the Lobelia again.


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