Crucial Signs Showing You Might Be A Victim Of Urinary Incontinence

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Crucial Signs Showing You Might Be A Victim Of Urinary Incontinence

We don’t usually think much before visiting the washroom. Things revolving around the washroom are so mundane that we hardly notice what and where we are going wrong and it is high time we are more attentive about it. Bladders usually reveal a lot about our inherent biological health and you need to scrutinize yours to know how healthy you are.


Presenting you with a list of common bladder problems that help you confront your health state.


Do you visit the loo too often?


Have you ever counted how many times on average you require to visit the washroom?
You have to know how many times is time enough for you. Usually, for the doctors, the red buzzer screams if you cross 8. Sometimes, a visit to the washroom might just become your second nature. Even if the amount you void is not great, you might just feel the urgency to rush in. this is when you should start caring.


Is it an emergency?

Do you feel like running and it’s gotta be NOW? Some people might feel the urgency to run to the washroom right after visiting it once. More importantly, how urgent is the pressure is another important question that you must take into consideration.


Does it burn?


Urinary Incontinence or overactive bladders do not usually come with a burning tip but since both diseases involve an overall urinary tract infection care should be taken. Abdominal pain, a burning sensation while urinating are a few signs that you need to be careful about.

Being awakened by a desire to pee?


If your sleep cycle is interrupted with an urgent desire to release and that happens regularly it is time to pull up your socks and get an appointment fixed. And if you stumble upon things while running to the washroom more than twice a night you should surely start caring. The symptoms are commonly known as nocturia.

Involuntary leakage when you laugh or cough?


If you are embarrassed regularly for leaking when you sincerely shouldn’t, the red flag flies high. Simple mundane activities like coughing or laughing may sometimes subject you to involuntary leakage and that is just not fine!


These are a few common signs and symptoms that you find troubling you and yet you tend to hesitate. This is where we poke our noses to ask you not to. No matter how embarrassing it sounds it is very important to talk and talk clearly without the silkiest veneer with the physician and take action. Soon!                                By  Robin Flynn


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