Urinary Incontinence Fixed by Surgery: Autologous Sling as an Alternative to Vaginal Mesh

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After giving birth to her second son, Amy suffered from severe urinary incontinence. It got so bad that she could barely walk across the room or play with her kids without fear of leakage. She decided she had to do something, and reached out to Dr. Ariana Smith at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia.

Amy and Dr. Smith considered a procedure involving vaginal mesh, but ultimately decided on an alternative to that procedure that used only Amy’s own tissue to fix the problem. This procedure – called an autologous sling – has nearly identical outcomes as a mesh procedure, but gives patients the peace of mind of knowing there are no foreign materials in their body.

Six weeks after her surgery Amy’s incontinence was a thing of the past, and she was back to doing all the activities she loves – especially playing with her 2 energetic boys.

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